Friday, july 5, 2024

Opening party LENS verkeersleermiddelen

As we have outgrown our old office, we have moved to a brand new building in Hattem. That naturally calls for a grand opening! Meanwhile, the festivities are in full swing and we are ready to welcome everyone.

Picture opening

A big tent on the grounds, everything spick and span, we are ready! Over the past few months we have worked hard to get everything done. We are proud to have achieved this together. This building means a lot to us. It is a place where creativity and innovation come together, where ideas come to life and where we can grow as a team.

Not only our office is new, our website has also been completely revamped. You will find information on all our products here. In the near future, this will be further expanded with more functionalities.

Today is all about celebration and of course, as a customer, you can celebrate with us. Keep an eye on your mailbox for the opening promotion!

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