Driving manual passenger car

English textbook to use before, during and after the driving lessons.

The ideal book for the practical part of your driving course. To use as preparation, manual and reference book. Comprehensive practical explanations, with clear pictures and step-by-step plans. With progress charts, self-reflection forms and result forms for mock exams.

Therefore driving manual passenger car.

  • Developed from practical knowledge.
  • Tool to use before, during and after driving lessons.
  • Based on the modules of the CBR practical exam.
  • The book covers all major topics, such as vehicle operation and control, stopping and pulling away, parking and reversing orders, complex intersections and roundabouts and so on.

    Ideal tool for your driving lessons

    Using the book, you can prepare for your driving lessons and evaluate afterwards. The progress chart and self-reflection forms give insight into your progress and areas for improvement. Ready to take a practice test? Then the result forms at the back of the book can be used to assess the drive.

    Integrated references to theory

    Does a practical section require certain theoretical traffic knowledge? Then this is mentioned in the book. You thus know exactly which theory you need to master and, if necessary, brush up on. The theoretical subjects listed correspond seamlessly with the chapters in the book 'Theory manual passenger car'. Theory and practice are thus optimally combined. And that makes the book of added value for the practical part of the course.