About LENS Verkeersleermiddelen

LENS develops traffic teaching materials with which students prepare themselves for their driving lessons and the theory exam at the CBR. Each of these teaching materials allows them to practice in a way that suits them.

With our theory and practice books, apps and digital courses, we help students get ahead. In the short and long term. Because learning theory is not only important to get your driver's license, it is also indispensable for safe driving. Long-term effect. That is what it is all about.

LENS develops learning resources for the

The car license

The motorcycle license

The moped license

Safe on the road

As a driving instructor, you want students to make progress. They should be able to drive the vehicle correctly and know the traffic rules from A to Z. Lens learning tools help with that. From digital environments for learning traffic signs to practice books for perfecting viewing technique.

Always up-to-date

Up-to-date knowledge is hugely important during driving lessons and the practical exam at the CBR. That's why Lens' learning products are always up-to-date. Indispensable for every driving school and professional driving instructor.