Theory package passenger car complete

Complete package with text book, summary and 10 hours online exam training in English

This package contains the English text book 'Theory manual passenger car', a very handy summary and 10 hours of online exam training, also in English. The perfect preparation for the student who wants to take the CBR-exam in English.

Complete package

With this complete package, students can start learning immediately for the CBR theory exam. The textbook contains the complete lesson material arranged logically in 8 chapters according to the CBR layout. While learning, the student is regularly activated to take the corresponding online practice tests. These are indicated with handy QR codes in the book. Once the student has read through the book completely, the online practice exams can be started. These are designed in the same way as the real CBR exam, so there are no surprises for the student. In between, the student can use the summary as a reference book, containing the most important topics per chapter in concise but clear language.


In the summary the student can find the most important subjects neatly arranged by chapter. Ideal to use while practicing exams, or for going through the learned material for one last time right before the CBR exam. Easy to take along and read on a dull bus ride or during breaks at school.

Online exam training

To increase the chances of success, students get free online exam training with this package. This training is good for as many as 10 hours of online practice with tests and mock exams. And if the student wants to practise longer, the code can easily be upgraded. The sections correspond to the 8 chapters in the theory book and the summary. That way, the student can see at a glance which parts need more attention. And because the practice exams correspond to CBR theory exams, the student is perfectly prepared.

Why the complete package?

  • No other lesson materials needed.
  • Arranged according to CBR's 8 topics.
  • Access to online exam training for even better preparation.
  • Includes concise summary, the ideal reference book.
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