Online learning material for classroom theory lessons

For driving instructors who teach classrooms, an online lesson programme is available that seamlessly matches the student's learning materials and the 8 CBR topics.

Complete lesson programme

TrafficPro is a complete lesson programme to be used as a guide during classroom (or online) theory lessons for passenger car, motorcycle and moped. The most important information and concepts are listed as keywords, supplemented by clear examples in the form of pictures. As an instructor, it still gives you enough space to tell your own story, but provides clear guidance to avoid forgetting important information. No complicated programmes but simple and effective operation so the instructor can focus on teaching.

Plenty of practice opportunities

Because we believe in small pieces of information interspersed with practice opportunities, there are regular test moments possible through practice questions about the previous piece of lesson material. And if this is not convenient, they can easily be skipped. These test moments are class-based, so students can learn from each other and do not have to wait until everyone has finished filling in the questions.

Also in English!

All classroom lessons for passenger car, motorcycle and moped are in both Dutch and English.

Free for our customers

And the best part is, the lesson system with the lesson material and all the practice questions in between, are absolutely free for all driving schools that buy our theory products.